Ultra Flight Tour

Take off daily ultralight aircraft from Pokhara, the place no tourist visiting Nepal will miss for its snowy peaks and beautiful lakes. It has a unique bland of both mountain and plateau area. You will see the scenic beauty of both the Himalayas and the most famous lake of Nepal, Phewa in Pokhara from a bird’s-eye view. The flight will be a journey through nature. This is truly a unique experience.

Fly for Fun: (15 minute flight) View of Fewa Lake
Our shortest flight takes you over the city of Pokhara, Phewa lake, near Sarangkot hill, over the Buddha monastery and the south side of the city. This short flight at the speed of 50 km/hr to 90 km/hr will give you a panoramic view of the whole Annapurna Range with a view of another 8,000 miter peak ? Dhaulagiri, in the distance. The maximum altitude attained is 5,000 feet. Appeals to flyers on a budget or for those who have a plane to catch for Kathmandu.

Touch the Fish Tail: (30 minute flight) In formation over Pokhara
This flight of medium duration, takes you slightly higher and farther. You’ll fly over the Tibetan refugee camp and as far as Lamachour, on the northern part of the valley. This flight takes you as close to the Fish Tail mountain as its possible with the speed of 90 km/hr. The view is simply superb. Many people that have flown on this trip have told us they felt the flight was too short and regret they didn’t take the 1 hour flight.

Mountain Range Sky Trek: (1 hour flight) Heading out towards Mt. Fishtail
A truly memorable addition to any trip to Nepal. This flight covers the whole Annapurna range with the speed of 90 km/hr to 130 km/hr and the altitude of 12,000 ft. This is a truly “above the clouds” experience – beautiful view! This absolutely astonishing flight is a must.