Nepal is rich in its cultural Aspects that belonged to the 11th cenutry and it has been remained unchanged since the beginning of the time. Nepal is the land of 4 main castes and 36 sub-castes. Where the culture, custumes,  traditions, language and life style varies from one to another. Mainly two religions are followed in Nepal Hindusim and Buddhisim both of them celebrated in harmony. Religious tolerance is prevalent in Nepal since the Unification of the country. For those Explorers who want to exploit the cultural riches nepal is wonderful treasures to explore the culture. Temples, Stupas , chaityas and Monastries are preserved and prayed for generations. Boudanath stupa is the biggest stupa in whole south east asia. Pashupatinath is the the holy place which attract tourist from all over the world. The Cremation Ceremony (burning dead bodies ) might be phhenomena to observed here. Seven wonder of the world Cultural heriatge site are located in the kathmandu Valley. Nepal cultural tour explores the cultural riches of Nepal. NEPAL CULTURAL TOUR