Nepal the best destination for its own culture, nature and adventure. Our  Nepal cultural, nature and adventures tours are designed to give you the depth knowledge of Nepalese lifestyle, tradition, culture with adding soft adventure in your trip. Each part of nepal, east to west has it own culture, costumes,  traditions, language and life style varies from one to another. Nature tour the best way to explore natural beauty of Nepal. The snowcapped mountains, high hills, thundering rivers and the landscapes add charm in nature tour. In adventure tour you will experience the white river rafting, paragliding, bungee jumping, zip flyer, mountain flight, mountain biking along the nooks and corner and the most amazing wildlife safari tour. we have designed following nepal experience tour itinerary,  with all our tour categories, if you don’t see the trip you are looking for then please contact us or customized your own trip we would love to make that trip.