It lies on the flood plains of the Sapta-Koshi of Eastern Nepal. Rapid and complete inundation of the reserve to depths.The reserve offers important habitat for a variety of wildlife. The last surviving population  of wild buffalo or Arna are found here including other mammals. A total of 280 different species or birds have been recored.Amidst the jungle environment Aqua Birds Unlimited Camp and Koshi Tappu Wildlife Camp have come into existence. The activities include morning jungle treks by the river lagoons and wetlands, canoe ride, slide shows, bird watching, cultural dances and visit unique village settlements are best of it.

Activities in Koshi Tappu
Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve offers many options and activities to give full opportunities to view the wildlife of Nepal at its best.

Morning / Evening Jungle Walk
The jungle along the belts of the Koshi River , part of the Koshi Tappu Wildlife is known for its richness in birds and other animal species. The river lagoons and wetlands provides excellent opportunity to sight bird life, deer and herds of water buffaloes.

Soft Wildlife Rafting
Taking a raft down the Koshi River is another alternative for exploring the reserve. Here, you can see the water birds or animals off to their daily chores with wonderful sights like Kingfishers diving down the river looking for food, the marsh muggers or the ghariyal crocodiles sun bathing but of course out of reach. You might be lucky enough to spot the rare wild buffaloes.

Village Walk
This is another interesting activity. Tharus, the early inhabitants of the region have their own unique way of living not affected by the western influence. Their beautifully decorated homes and their way of living can be an interesting part of the tour. The village is also plastic-free, one of the few environmentally aware and clean villages in the country. The Koshi Tappu Wildlife Camp itself took this initiative towards environmental awareness and preservation.

Day 01:
Kathmandu to Biratnagar Flight. Arrive Biratnagar Airport , meet & drive to Koshi Tappu wildlife camp.
Birding in the nearby surrounding of the park.

Day 02:
Morning nature walk within near vicinity
Start Raft boat ride on Sapta Koshi River with naturalist to view some of the water birds, water buffaloes, dolphins and various water habitats. End boat trip by the banks of the river and have picnic lunch. Short drive to the koshi barrage to view some bird life and fresh water dolphins. Late afternoon return to the camp.

Day 03:

  • Wake up call
  • Morning nature walks within near Vicinity
  • Breakfast
  • Departure to Biratnagar Airport. 

Note: You can Add This in your Trip or Trailor Made you own trip according to your taste, need and time.