For a country known for its beautiful mountains, the Gangetic flat lands of the Terai that stretches through our Rhinot the southern part of Nepal provide a wholly different experience. A visit to Nepal remains incomplete without seeing the beauty of the Terai and Chitwan is the best place to do so. The Royal Chitwan National Park, established in 1973, provides a great wildlife experience with its rich flora and fauna. The wildlife and the landscape are not as breathtaking as those found in Africa but still, the experience will stand out.Chitwan is only 150m above the sea level. The place gets steamy from March-June, with peak temperatures reaching 43°C in the shade. Short grass makes Feb-May the best game-viewing season, but the autumn months are gorgeous, with Himalayan views, and in winter (December-January), Chitwan is pleasantly warmed compared to Kathmandu.

Places of Interest:
Though one can visit neighboring Tharu villages in Chitwan, the major interesting focus of Chitwan is still the exploration of the Chitwan National Park.

Activities in Royal Chitwan
Chitwan Bird WatchingElephant Safari: Travel through open grassland and dense forest on elephant back in search of rare games. Be on the lookout for the great one homed rhino, four species of deer, wild boar, sloth bear, leopard, bison and the big one, the Royal Bengal tiger.
Canoe Rides: A traditional dugout takes you on a silent trip down the Rapti river to view birds,crocodile and the animals of the river of the river bank (From October through to mid March)

Nature Walk of Jungle Walk: Out trained naturalists take you to prime spots to view deer, rhino, sloth bears and other wildlife. Detailed knowledge of the wildlife and jungle will enhance your trip.

Bird Watching: An early morning walk through the bush and along the Rapti river is a must to view many of the more than 450 species of exotic. Birds including the Giant Hombill. Lesser florican and Paradise Flycastcher. Again you will be accompanied by our experienced naturalist
Jungle Drive: The visitor stay with us more than 3 nights, who can go into the jungle’s park to view birds and animals by driving a jeep. Our jungle drive in the jeep will take you more than 20km. Inside the jungle from Rapti river to the Lama lake.

Tharu Stick Dance: A melodious tribal dance performed by Tharu men to the rhythms of drums and with clashing of stick embodies and projects how to drive away Rhino and other wild animals from human habitat. Once the driving away of animals is achieved, the dance turns into joyful. After dinner at the hotel /lodge/tented camp you can watch Tharu stick dance. We will arrange dance for your enjoyment.

Coloreful Tharu Village: Experience the culture and traditional of the Tharu people. These Terai people live near the jungle and wildlife for centuries. At night the culture programme will be held and you can see the traditional dance of Tharu.

Day 01: Pokhara or Kathmandu-Chitwan

Briefing on elephant safari & bathing.
Elephant safari (Approx. 2 hours)
Tharu dance or culture show program

Day 02: Full day excursion in Chitwan

Wake up call
Tea / Coffee followed by Nature walk for Birdwatching
Canoe ride along with Elephant breeding center
Visit to National Park visitor center (Information about the Park)
Village tour to a near by ethnic Tharu village by ox cart.
Slides presentation about the flora & fauna of the National Park

Day 03: Chitwan-Kathmandu or Pokhara

Wake up call